Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learn and study Rootkit Specials 8: kernel hook - inline hook(1)

Recently in order to write rootkit inline hook article, specially disassemble famous rougue software(cdnprot.sys), The file is huge - 152k, Take my some overnight, Let me less watch tv play, The software use many good technology, anyway, Technology isn't wrong itself. Because we talk theme about Inline hook today, only lead everybody watch how he use the technology of inline hook.

What is inline hook, The basic concepts, We won't talk on here, May use google to search.
Inline hook is used very easily and simple on ring3, but this is trouble on ring0,BSOD will show when wrong to use. We talk inline hook on kernel today, Let us watch that how to use.

First talk thinking:

1.  One of the preparation before hook:
In total hook fifteen native api function on the software. They are:
ZwOpenKey , ZwClose, ZwQueryValueKey, ZwDeleteKey, ZwSetValueKey, ZwCreateKey,
ZwDeleteValueKey. ZwEnumerateValueKey,ZwRestoreKey, ZwReplaceKey, ZwTerminateProcess, ZwSetSecurityObject, ZwCreateThread, ZwTerminateThread, ZwQuerySystemInformation.

On the fifteen function, include two undocumented function, ZwCreateThread, ZwTerminateThread,The two function need find on export table from ntdll.dll.  Other, All native api function finaly realize both on ntoskrnl module, So we use  functional 0B number of fuZwQuerySystemInformation, find memory load place of ntoskrnl, Then one by one judge these need hook function address on ssdt table, Whether on place. Ensure to use first.

2.  One of the preparation before hook:
1)One global function table, save need hook fifteen function original address.
The table start address: .data:00036860, Ending: data:0003689C 60 bytes in total.
2)One hook function address table, part corresponding to jump of hook fifteen function.
The table start address: .data:00034E98
.data:00034E98 off_34E98        dd offset sub_1EEA8   
.data:00034E9C                 dd offset sub_1EE82
.data:00034EA0                 dd offset sub_1EF82
.data:00034EA4                 dd offset sub_1EF4A
.data:00034EA8                 dd offset sub_1EF6D
.data:00034EAC                 dd offset sub_1EEC1
.data:00034EB0                 dd offset sub_1EED2
.data:00034EB4                 dd offset sub_1EEF5
.data:00034EB8                 dd offset sub_1EF31
.data:00034EBC                 dd offset sub_1EF18
.data:00034EC0                 dd offset sub_1EF93
.data:00034EC4                 dd offset sub_1EFA8
.data:00034EC8                 dd offset sub_1EFBD
.data:00034ECC                 dd offset sub_1EFE6
.data:00034ED0                 dd offset sub_1EFFF

The function both realize on cdnprot.sys.

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  1. Hi,
    I was trying to write a code that shows IRP table.
    I was able to view the pointer at IRP_MJ_CREATE major functions .
    [00] IRP_MJ_CREATE f95b3e37 Ntfs!NtfsFsdCreate

    I was able to retrive the address f95b3e37
    but how do I find to which module and symbol this address points to (I mean Ntfs!NtfsFsdCreate) using a driver.
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